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Since its foundation in 2015, STORENERGY has been focused on R&D services and engineering support in renewable energy solutions and integrations with industrial processes.

With the new concept of solar generation in CSP field, STORENERGY has the potential to become one of the most important names in the world that seems to need such alternatives more every day.

StorEnergy's Solutions

01.Solar Concentrator

StorEnergy’s remarkable concentrator belongs to Fresnel design concept, meaning it consists of aluminum, non-imaging mirrors. By using this method we can achieve a desired concentration ratio and we can adjust it to the needs of users. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand high wind speeds and it is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism.


Our powerful receiver is made of stainless steel and special ceramic elements which can withstand very high temperatures of concentrated sun’s rays, thus heating the air flowing through the ceramics up to 900˚C.

03.Thermal Storage

StorEnergy has created the storage solution based on the Solid State Thermal Storage (SSTS) used for centuries in the steel and glass industries. By combining aged design and modern materials, we created the solution which is cheaper than other alternatives, but has a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance costs.


Mk06, Belgrade, Serbia
Mk06, Belgrade, Serbia
Mk10, MIND PARK Serbia
Mk10, MIND PARK Serbia

How it works  

Have you ever tried to burn things using a magnifying glass?

If you have, then you know that in order to set a fire, you need to track the Sun with the magnifying glass. The convex lens in the magnifying glass focuses the beam of Sun’s rays at a single point on a flammable material. There, if you are patient enough, you will see the smoke and that is when the material starts burning.

The Storenergy CSP system works on the same principle. To collect the heat from the Sun, we use a concentrator instead of the magnifying glass, and non-imaging mirrors have the role of lenses. Our concentrator can automatically follow the position of the Sun by rotating around two axes. The rest of the process resembles the process happening in gas boilers, only in this case we use solar radiation instead of the gas. Rays from the Sun are focused by concentrator’s mirrors onto the receiver where a heat transfer fluid collects the heat from the Sun and transfers it to the thermal storage or a heat engine.

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Engineering Team 

Marko Vuksanović

Marko Vuksanović

CEO and Founder

StorEnergy’s advanced technology was invented by Marko Vuksanović, a physicist and founder of the company. Marko has 10 years of experience in renewable energy field and thermodynamics.

Vladan Aksentijević

Vladan Aksentijević


Vladan has been involved in creating StorEnergy’s technology from its inception. He brings vast experience in mechanical engineering to his role in StorEnergy.

Djura Djukanović

Djura Djukanović


Djura became a member of StorEnergy’s team in 2019. He holds a master’s degree in mechatronics and gives contributions to our solutions with new ideas.

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